Big maceo treasury of jazz vol 47

As Prohibition took hold, the Maceo brothers began to give gifts of wine (low-quality to be sure) that they were able to smuggle to their customers. As their customers became more interested in the liquor they gradually became more serious bootleggers. Rose Maceo had part of his business on Murdoch's Pier, a hangout for Ollie Quinn , leader of the Beach Gang which was one of two main gangs on the island. [4] Rose built a relationship with Quinn and the Maceo brothers graudually allied themselves with the Beach Gang. They opened a "cold drink place," (. speakeasy ) and invested in the gang's gambling operations. [5] Eventually the Beach Gang leader Ollie Quinn and the Maceos opened the Hollywood Dinner Club, the Gulf coast's most elegant night club at the time. [4] [6] Rose's ability to intimidate made him an enforcer in the organization early on. Fortuitous arrests of the leaders of the gangs allowed the Maceo brothers to gain control of the island's underworld. [7]