Tasha thomas stay with me

Tyler James Williams as Chris , the ambitious, normal, responsible, kind-hearted, but unlucky, unpopular, untalented, nonathletic, nonacademic, hapless, awkward, nerdy, vulnerable and mischievous eldest child and main protagonist of the series. He wishes he was more like his younger brother, Drew. Regardless of whether Chris possesses any of these traits, he's certainly never treated as if he does (being disliked by the opposite race, unlike his siblings). He tries hard to fit in with his peers, but often finds himself a victim of circumstance. Chris is bullied at school (with little help from teachers or faculty members), tortured by his sister, shown up by his brother, victimized by the racist teaching staff, rejected by girls, slandered by his neighbors, gets his money stolen by neighborhood thugs, does poorly in class, is underpaid at work, and receives tough love from his mother and distressing treatment from his father. As the eldest child, he is often put in charge of his younger siblings, but they usually disobey him and he usually has to take the blame for them. Next to all this, Chris is always the butt of the last jokes on each show. People just seem to hate him for inexplicable reasons. His luck improves as the series progresses. One of his talents is playing Asteroids and the other is calling basketball games. As he gets older, Chris becomes interested in stand-up comedy and begins telling jokes in school. At the end of the series – after being told that he has to repeat the tenth grade for constantly being late for school – he drops out and gets his GED.

Taystee is short with a full figure, and has black, long curly hair. In Season One , she wears a lock of Piper 's blonde hair.

Mona and Dee Dee are half-sisters who share the same father. They are completely unlike each other, but they live in the same apartment building, so disagreements are common.

Tasha Thomas Stay With MeTasha Thomas Stay With MeTasha Thomas Stay With MeTasha Thomas Stay With Me