Cyndi lauper money changes everything live

New wave purists sniffed when Cyndi Lauper's version of the Brains' 1980 underground hit "Money Changes Everything" went top 10, but Lauper's version succeeded where the Atlanta new wavers' original failed. The arrangement, courtesy of producer Rick Chertoff and featuring melodica player Rob Hyman (soon to become a temporary star as one-half of the lead duo in Philadelphia's Hooters), is brighter, sharper and much more commercial than the Brains' rather weedy, comparatively lo-fi and dullish take on their own song. More to the point, Lauper wisely takes the victim's viewpoint in the song, dulling the arrogance of Tom Gray's original opening lines, in which he's the one ditching a longtime love in pursuit of wealth and power. Finally, Lauper's simply a far better singer: the long held note at the climax of the song is a casual display of vocal virtuosity that blows away any of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston's histrionics. Note that the hit single was a remix of the original album track; this version is available on most of Lauper's compilations. The live version from the video is included on the 2000 reissue of She's So Unusual.

The song was originally written by Jules Shear , and included on his 1983 debut solo album, Watch Dog . [1] Shear later recalled in an interview, "[it's] like a big bonus really. Cyndi Lauper does a song ('All Through the Night') that's on a solo record of mine. I just thought, 'No one's really going to hear this.' Then she does it, and it becomes a Top 5 song." [2] "I'm just glad people know the songs, really. I think they're really good. The only problem is with people who don't know I wrote them. I do them and they think, 'God, he's doing that Cyndi Lauper song,'" Shear said. [3]

Cyndi Lauper Money Changes Everything LiveCyndi Lauper Money Changes Everything LiveCyndi Lauper Money Changes Everything LiveCyndi Lauper Money Changes Everything Live