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Although the original orchestral version assigns portions of the sixteenth-note runs to various instruments in tandem , in the century since its composition the piece has become a standard showcase for solo instrumental virtuosity , whether on the original violin or on practically any other melodic instrument. Sergei Rachmaninov 's transcription for piano features in the film Shine and is interpreted by David Helfgott .

An advanced level instructional class for gymnasts who have mastered intermediate skills and are focused on twisting elements, forward, back and aerial tumbling, challenging vaults and complex routines on the bars, beam and floor.

Though the glasses were soon found, the forces of Sector Seven soon descended upon the house and apprehended Sam and Mikaela. The Autobots wasted no time in rescuing them, but when the interrogation of Seymour Simmons went nowhere, Bumblebee became so annoyed with his attitude that he released lubricant onto the agent. When Sector Seven reinforcements arrived, the Autobots were forced to hide; unfortunately, Sam and Mikaela fell from their hiding place beneath a bridge, and Bumblebee had to reveal himself to save them. Harpooned and frozen by Sector Seven agents, he was captured by the organization, with Optimus Prime regrettably unable to intercede as he knew the Autobots could not do so without harming the humans.

"Nut Rocker" is possibly the prime inspiration for the Ventures ' similar work "Nutty", which became identified with the North American National Hockey League's Boston Bruins ice hockey team as the intro song for telecast Bruins games for two decades. [11] Dropkick Murphys released a version as one of the tracks on their 2004 Tessie EP, whose title track is devoted to another Boston major league sports team, the Red Sox.

Bumblebee and the Autobots accidentally upstaged a local Detroit hero named the Wraith , exposing his spook act for the holographic trickery it was. Bumblebee in particular continued to upstage the Wraith, and even got invited in his place to perform at the University of Michigan half-time show. Mad with envy, the Wraith staged an attack on the game, taking Bumblebee out of the picture with some well placed "boots" while using holograms to simulate the little yellow robot on a rampage. Bumblebee eventually broke free and the Autobots had Wraith arrested for his antics. Attention Surplus Disorder

The Russians announce they are to build missile bases on Cuba and send missiles to Cuba by sea. America blockades the sea around Cuba and the world readies itself for nuclear conflict. JFK advises the American public to build nuclear fallout shelters. At the last minute, Russia backs down and the ships return home with the missiles still on board.

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B Bumble The Stingers Rockin On N Off Mashed 5B Bumble The Stingers Rockin On N Off Mashed 5B Bumble The Stingers Rockin On N Off Mashed 5B Bumble The Stingers Rockin On N Off Mashed 5