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Phoenix trailed 73-55 with 9:20 left in the third quarter and went on a 32-11 run to take the lead before the quarter ended. Devin Booker scored 16 of his points in the third as the Suns fought back with energy on both ends.

New Orleans is generally credited as the birthplace of jazz music , but has attracted less attention as a center of the blues. The 12 bar blues were well known in the city before most of the rest of the country. Buddy Bolden 's band was remembered at excelling on playing blues before 1906. Anthony Maggio's " I Got the Blues " was an early example of published blues sheet music from 1908. The Original Dixieland Jass Band 's " Livery Stable Blues ", generally considered the first jazz record, is in a fast blues form.

S o now we have it, his first novel. Is Lincoln in the Bardo some kind of sprawling, multithreaded, speculative future America? Not exactly. Instead he's taken a left turn into the past for a historical novel like no other – a supernatural ensemble extravaganza of awesome intricacy and somewhat perplexing purpose.

James Booker GonzoJames Booker GonzoJames Booker GonzoJames Booker Gonzo