Stevie wonder signed sealed delivered

In a contemporary review for The Village Voice , music critic Robert Christgau gave Signed, Sealed and Delivered an "A–" and wrote that, although it has flawed moments and that Motown albums are rarely consistent, it is "still the most exciting LP by a male soul singer in a very long time, and it slips into no mold, Motown's included." [1] Rolling Stone magazine's Vince Aletti said that the album "holds more creative singing than you're likely to find in another performer's entire body of work." Aletti felt that, although not all of the songs match the energy of the title track, the album does not have a bad song and includes an "extraordinary" cover of "We Can Work It Out" that shares the other songs' "tasteful, unencumbered" arrangements. [2]

Stevie Wonder was born in Saginaw , Michigan, in 1950, the third of six children of Calvin Judkins and Lula Mae Hardaway , a songwriter. He was born six weeks premature which, along with the oxygen-rich atmosphere in the hospital incubator, resulted in retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), a condition in which the growth of the eyes is aborted and causes the retinas to detach; so he became blind. [3] [8] When Wonder was four, his mother divorced his father and moved to Detroit with her children. She changed her name back to Lula Hardaway and later changed her son's surname to Morris, partly because of relatives. Wonder has retained Morris as his legal surname. He began playing instruments at an early age, including piano, harmonica and drums. He formed a singing partnership with a friend; calling themselves Stevie and John, they played on street corners, and occasionally at parties and dances. [9]

Stevie Wonder Signed Sealed DeliveredStevie Wonder Signed Sealed DeliveredStevie Wonder Signed Sealed DeliveredStevie Wonder Signed Sealed Delivered