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Aku constantly antagonized Jack , often attacking him when he is weak, and other times defending himself from Jack's own gambits. Prior to Ashi sending Jack back in time to vanquish his past self, the two seem doomed never to defeat each other, and while Jack has beaten him on numerous occasions, Aku merely transformed into a creature and retreats, usually calling out a taunt over his shoulder, a fact that he was entirely aware of and even lampshaded in " Episode XLVIII: Jack versus Aku ", which eventually discouraged him from fighting Jack further. Aku could be considered the deuteragonist of the series as a whole (albeit a rare, villainous one), as while Ashi becomes this in Season 5, Aku had the most focus in the narrative besides Jack.

This curious decade, wherein progressive rock musicians and studio whizzes obtained futuristic synthesizers and otherworldly effects to imagine new cosmic vistas ( or else they just went and checked out Star Wars at their local Cineplex and saw the future of music ), gets documented on the new compilation Cosmic Machine: A Voyage Across French Cosmic & Electronic Avantgarde (1970-1980) . Within this set’s shiny silver carapace lie the roots of acts ranging from Daft Punk and Justice to Todd Terje , Lindstrøm and any number of analog synth enthusiasts working on 21st century electronic music.

A billion years ago, an alien race had weaved a spell that had halted evolution on their planet. The Phoenix intervened, bonding with one of the aliens of that world and breaking the spell, and purging the world. The Phoenix Host had five "Lights", disciples of sorts that helped the host control the infinite power of the Phoenix. [13]

Various Magic Fly Cosmic DiscoVarious Magic Fly Cosmic DiscoVarious Magic Fly Cosmic DiscoVarious Magic Fly Cosmic Disco