Dolos night so right

1. Summoned by the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:1–3)
In spite of the fact that they had identified prophets and teachers, the church at Antioch sought guidance from the Holy Spirit through prayer and fasting. What an impressive line-up of leaders who would embark upon this journey of fasting, praying, and seeking the Holy Spirit for direction! Paul is listed last, but God has a plan for his life, as we shall see later in the book of Acts.
These five leaders spent time fasting and worshiping to seek the will of God. While they were doing this, the Holy Spirit began to reveal His will. The text says, “Appoint Barnabas and Saul for the special work” He had for them to do. They continued praying and fasting even after they received this word from the Holy Spirit, showing that they were careful to rely on God throughout this new venture. The Antioch leaders laid hands on them. This was a commissioning or sending out of Barnabas and Paul so they would accomplish God’s will.

Dolos Night So RightDolos Night So RightDolos Night So RightDolos Night So Right