Angel pavement baby youve gotta stay

when i was 10-ish i was the only kid in the house that had a stereo because i hoarded every cent of my allowance. of course this led to the belief that i had bought it for everyone so it was constantly disappearing from my room. every time i complained about it to my parents they would just schpeel off the same crap about how everyone should share and that i shouldn't be selfish so they were no help. on one occasion where it had once again been lifted from my room by my older sisters, i enlisted the help of my 8 year old brother to get it back (it was a little too heavy for me to carry it out by myself and get it up the stairs without a certain degree of difficulty). we had to sneak into their room while they were out with friends in order to get it back without getting our faces smashed in (family is lovely). while i was the only one with a stereo, my oldest sister was the only one with her own tv due to the fact that she was my grandmother's favorite. when my brother and i got inside her room we noticed that when she plugged in the stereo, she had unplugged the tv. it was mid-afternoon so it was around the time power rangers was on, so my brother insisted that we stay and watch it because anyway, my sisters wouldn't be home until later that evening. i said no, but he refused to help me unless i let him watch it, so i relented and let him plug the tv back in...only finding the plug for it proved difficult as my sisters had been using that one outlet for lamps, hair dryers, a curling wand, and an iron. after climbing under a desk and searching for about three minutes, my brother came up and told me to turn the tv on now. no dice. he went back under the desk and tried another plug. still no power rangers. frustrated and upset, i hauled him out from underneath the desk and told him to go to the living room and watch it there while i got my stereo myself. he began to cry and said he was in this room already, so why not watch it here? after some arguing i relented again and crawled underneath the desk to find the plug for the tv, brushing against the iron in the process. i didn't feel anything at first. then i smelled something burning. i looked down and felt my arm growing hotter, and all of a sudden i was scrambling out from underneath the table when i saw my flesh slowly turning black and curling and falling away from my left forearm right before my eyes . as soon as i saw it clearly the pain instantlyregistered and i was flailing about the house and screaming my head off while my brother cried and wailed for my mom to come look . she tore into the house (she had been gardening), took one look at my arm, began screaming and grabbed me by my right arm, hauling me all the way to the kitchen where she turned on the cold water full blast. she stuck my left arm under, which continued to burn long after it had left the heat of the iron while i hyperventilated and sobbed and ultimately blacked out because the water current had caused even more flesh to peel off. i woke up in the hospital with my arm bandaged all the way up to my armpits even though the iron only burned a 2 inch space (i only caught the tip of the iron) about a half inch from my elbow. for weeks the area developed these giant oozing blisters which would pop at random and then after about a month and a half it was a giant years later the scar is faint (thanks to not giving in to the urge to pick at the scab and lots of moisturizers) and no one really notices it unless i point it out...which i don't exactly have a habit of doing.

Angel Pavement Baby Youve Gotta StayAngel Pavement Baby Youve Gotta StayAngel Pavement Baby Youve Gotta Stay