Interface robot love

The gamepad example applications have three different default configurations to enable a variety of potential control schemas. These define the number of digital inputs and indicator outputs: 11/11 inputs and outputs, 16/6 inputs and outputs, or 20/2 inputs and outputs. All three options include an additional eight analog inputs.

Major Monogram informs Perry about his mission, which involves the block party. He states that Doofenshmirtz is attending the party, reportedly "for the fun of it", and Agent P has to make sure that he isn't doing evil. However, he has to be in disguise because he is so close to his host family, and ends up dressing as a balloon version of himself.

A polished red box with the Chinese Communist Party symbol contains a wood block print of Chairman Mao Zedong and a nervously searching blue eye.

Interface Robot LoveInterface Robot LoveInterface Robot LoveInterface Robot Love