Gymslips drink problem

With two further Peel sessions , good reviews for the "Robot Man" single and the release of the album in a different sleeve and with the title "Drink Problem" for the American market, The Gymslips' future looked bright. But twelve months of personnel and contractual problems led to Paula having to recruit a new line-up and start all over again. With Karen Kay on bass, Sue Vickers on keyboards and Michelle Chowrimootoo on drums The Gymslips recorded their final Peel session in the summer of 1984 before issuing their last single "Evil Eye" (produced by the Angelic Upstarts ' Mond Cowie) in early 1985 and then calling it a day soon after its release.

Gymslips Drink ProblemGymslips Drink ProblemGymslips Drink ProblemGymslips Drink Problem