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As if falling to a quarterback making his first career start weren't dejecting enough, Cincinnati's offensive struggles have landed it in the NFL history books. With the loss, the Bengals became the first team to kick off a season with two home games and fail to score a touchdown in either one since the 1939 Philadelphia Eagles, who finished that year with a 1-9-1 record.

CONWAY: So I will do whatever the president and General Kelly need us to do. Yesterday I was on “Fox & Friends” and said clearly that if we can have a protocol, picking order, discipline, and the chief of staff that empowers the step to succeed note that General Kelly has done that on the battlefield and the chief military aid to the cabinet secretary. So we have great faith, and that will be done. That is nothing about the outgoing chief of staff Reince Priebus, who should hold his head high. Many things happen in the first six months during his tenure, and certainly, I think they were able to raise a great deal of money for the operation that allowed the Republican party to succeed.

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