Doom war is big business

That’s not totally analogous comparison, but it does illustrate the web’s growing obesity problem. “Recall that Doom is a multi-level first person shooter that ships with an advanced 3D rendering engine and multiple levels, each comprised of maps, sprites, and sound effects,” Cremin writes on MobiForge, a site for mobile web developers. “By comparison, 2016’s web struggles to deliver a page of web content in the same size.”

In the life-or-death quest for strategic change, business has much to learn from war. Both are about the same thing: succeeding in competition. Even more basic, both can be distilled to four words: informed choice/timely action. The key objective in competition – whether business or war – is to improve your organization’s performance along these dimensions:

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Doom War Is Big BusinessDoom War Is Big BusinessDoom War Is Big BusinessDoom War Is Big Business